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Many seniors require the undeniable convenience of a walk-in tub. Not only does it immensely improve safety for seniors who needed attempt to climb in and out of a bathtub, it is even easier for caregivers of seniors. Yet seniors aren’t the only ones who benefit from walk-in tubs; people of any age with handicaps or certain conditions find that a walk-in tub is superior to traditional tubs and showers.

Moreover, some people simply prefer them because they are easy to use and easy to maintain. While many people know that life would be improved with the addition of a walk-in tub, they also wonder how to pay for the expense of one.

The Cost

Walk-in tubs can range in price between $3,000 and $15,000. The average cost is in the neighborhood of about $5,000 for a good-sized tub. While it’s impossible to ignore price tags, it makes sense to initially shop for a tub that boasts the needed features. This will help you narrow down a selection. At that point price comes into play, but there are options for paying for these necessary tubs that cane benefit life in many ways.


Often insurance plans will not cover the cost of a walk-in tub. Providers and plans like Medicare do not deem these tubs as ‘durable medical equipment’ like wheelchairs or walkers, for instance. Nevertheless, some plans and Medicare will on occasion cover some of the cost. A portion of the expense is certainly worth the trouble of applying to Medicare for. No insurance plan, however, will even cover part of the expense without a physician’s prescription so be sure to obtain one from you doctor before you purchase the tub. Moreover, your doctor and his staff involved with insurance may be able to provide more insight regarding these tubs and their cost.

Financing Options

Typically buyers will be asked when purchasing their walk-in tub if they wish to finance it. Of course many do as the lump sum can be difficult to part with all at once. Many seniors discuss the purchase of their tub and its installation with their own bank which may offer great loan rates to well-established customers. Veterans who could benefit from having a walk-in tub have been put in touch with helpful organizations through the Veterans Association that may be able to provide assistance. Low-income people may also seek assistance and advice from the USDA that may be able to provide information about grants that can be applied for.

The fact is it’s important to pursue all the options and avenues regarding funding. It may take some phone calls and filling out some paperwork, but if it helps defray the expense of such a useful feature, it is well worth it!